Today i played my first mp as i was little bored about sp

First race was GT3 silverstone (never drive those cars) so i was behind leader 5 sec per lap :p i have no setups etc so i was missing 6th gear whole race cause no enough speed get 6th or w/e
all good i had short battle with somebody like 4 laps untill he just pulled away

Second race FA german gp good i thought as i been playing with open wheeler's in my career. So i was more familiar with cars.
at Q i pulled 1.23 with not clean lap i thought it wasn't that bad untill i notice leader 1.17 :confused: so i checked ppls lines etc if they cutting corners. ofc all did cut first corner not a shocker as i knew about it, but u wont gain 5 sec's with it

but something else was suspiciously how other cars sounds and what i notice all had max rews whole lap from sec they stopped braking max rews so it wasn't like normal at all and few cars were warping at corners really and driving twitchy as i drive behind them most of em wasn't even driving that good to explain 1.19 times they pulled

at race game told me i did fasted lap in race pretty much whole time i was lapping better times 1.21 was my best race leader had 1.17 :confused:

is that max rew bug or ?

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