"Hey all, so there were two main items that had to be addressed before the Championship Standings could be updated this time around and we thought there should be full visibility of them

Firstly an internal technical issue prevented us from retrieving the leaderboards on PlayStation 4. This meant we could not verify the logs for over a week but this has since been rectified. Whilst we could have done it 'by hand', we want to assure all participants that we never rely solely on this and always prefer to work from the cold, hard stats and then verify that they match what players are seeing within the interface of the actual game itself.

Secondly though - and most importantly - we were unable to verify the times posted by members of SDL Motorsport on Xbox One due to a lack of ghost data being available. As has been stated multiple times, any suspicious or fraudulent times posted will be investigated. In this particular case, the times posted by SDL Motorsport were significantly faster than those posted on other platforms by other teams and individuals which warranted action being taken.

Without ghost data being available, we worked with SDL Motorsport to provide video evidence of their laps with the hope that we could see whether excessive track cutting was used, especially on chicanes and on the large run-off area approaching the grandstand at the Le Mans circuit.

With community discussions already occurring on improvements to the track cutting system coming soon in Feature Update 2.0 and with the understanding from SDL Motorsport that their intentions are not to cheat the system the decision is that their times will be included for this round, however we have now introduced a new requirement that all participants must submit ghost data in order to allow us to verify times in future.

Pro gamers are the aspirational players we all look up to and therefore as public figures they should be both proud and eager to showcase their skills for all to see. By providing their ghost data for others to view it also encourages healthy competition as 'tricks of the trade' can be learned more players to reach faster times and higher Championship Standings positions.

We hope that this rule change, together with significant updates to the track cutting system, and continual monitoring of times posted will ensure a healthy, reliable, competitive environment going forward. And we'll continue to work with both the community at large and the eSport teams to achieve this."

So why is this statement a Slap to the Face to all honest Racers?

Before I start explaining this and why I am doing this thread. I want first to make clear this one should not turn into a flamewar. You can discuss everything here but I will try to keep this my statement as serious as possible and please everyone else should try to do so. There are a lot of threads about this Topic which are obviously heated and you can get your flamewars there.

So first of all the current situation with a few facts:

  • The championship is abused by cutters cheaters wallriders and exploiters (pitstop exploits) since round 1
  • Nevertheless they were given Points from round 1 till now.
  • This leads to every clean racer abandoning the championship meaning they have no competetion.
  • A few rounds where re-Run but not all.
  • Some ghosts got deleted but not all
  • There are nor visible track limits but it was stated that cutting is not allowed
  • After that Statement there were still given points to the cheating/cutting guys

So now to my questions to the Dev's

You know the issue. Why not stopping the championship at its current state where only cutting an cheating gives you a top spot?
Don't you think it is bad for the development of the game as an Esport title?
Why did you re-Run only 2 rounds?
Why did you re-Run them at all when you knew there would be cuts again.
Why are you glorifying all these obvious cutters and cheating guys on your start page of your game?

Then now to the Statement after I read it I could not believe it. You know how easy it is to corrupt your ghost and that it needs to be done on purpose and everyone else who was slower was already cutting like hell. So you can be sure they cut and still you are counting their times and you stated multiple times that cutting will not be tolerated. But you are still doing this. It is a slap in the Face for all clean and fair racers out there and it lets me loose all my hope of this title beeing an esport title anytime soon. Which I think it could be. I think there is a huge market for a good looking Simracing Esport title and project cars could make this happen. It needs a bit polish like a better replay system etc but it could be really good. Also in your statement about PC2 there were some very cool features for an Esport Title but you if you continue like that there will be no community for that to happen.

Also as you could see in the latest TT the guys who you led away with all that cutting are not even the fastest guys and I can promise you there are a lot faster guys than me out there and I still managed to beat all the cutters and cheaters in my first try in a TT in this game. So why am I complaining that much? I am hoping this game makes a step into Esports but with the current championship I do not see that happening.

What is my solution?

I know that fixing the Tracklimits can be really hard and also hosting every Esportevent even if it is a TT is super hard as there are always people trying to exploit your game. I have a Bachelor degree in computer science so I know that the Track cutting fixes are very hard to implement without destroying onlineraces and AI. Also I was active in the Dota and WOW arena PRoscene and know that some players will do everything to exploit and cheat but this needs to be handled in a way which tells the normal player that this is not tolerated. So instead of handling the so called "Pros" with kid gloves and letting them get away with everything there should be another solution. What you are doing now just makes the game just completly uninteresting for Esport as a whole.

Again what is my solution:

Stop the championship and Reset all points until there is a somewhat clear and fair tracklimit in the game.
When you restart the championship make clear that every cheating and cutting or exploiting will not be tolerated.
If it happens instantly delete the time and ban the driver or organisation from the championship. (You are having Esport on your main page as a Tab so please start acting like you would care)
Do not give away any prices anymore to guys who cheated in this championship as it would really give this game a bad taste when it starts like that. I would go that far cancel the Championship and start again for round 2.

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