Before the Forza/PCars war erupts let me say this is just my opinion, I'm just 1 person, whether you agree or disagree that is entirely your own choice, also both games help advance the genre and that can only be good, so if you are a Forza fan or PCars fan, its all good.

Forza, aside from the therapeutic awesomness of doing your own custom paint job, has now kinda become stale, mainly due to the fact of the big red magic button I like to label BUGATTI MODE,, transit van??, no probs, Press that button, instant Ferrari Killer, the game loses all meaning after you've upgraded your umpteenth car, yes it was a great feature.. when it was new.. now its become the norm, unless you've upgraded, don't bother racing,. Loads of cars, great idea, till you realise 90% of them you don't like or don't use, I did used to like Forza, but it hasn't advanced enough from where it came from, if PCars didn't come along and do Dynamic weather and time, Forza wouldn't have upped its game, it would have been another Fifa,.. polished graphics, same game..

PCars has upped it though, if a livery editor made it to the consoles it would just about kill any other companies chance of catching it,.. No BUGATTI MODE either which is a plus, now its all about the racing, for example, pretty much all classes have cars that are comparable to each other, GT3 for example.. Aston Martin may have the top speed, but that McLaren will do it all day everyday though corners, the M3 has incredible cornering ability but then lacks top end speed, its little things like this that lift it above Forza IMO,

Another example, Online race the other night, Monza, RWD v Marek, the RWD edges it at this track due to its higher top end but next race, Catalunya, shorter straight, more corners, Marek cruises to an easy win. No matter what track on Forza an upgraded car will win, there is no skill in beating someone this way.

Though there might be a big migration to Forza once it drops, I think those will eventually realise, there is nothing that Forza does (apart from the customization) that PCars doesn't already do better.

This is why PCars will become King of the Racers. :)

Original Writen by Townsend28 in General Discussion Category, the date of 26-06-2015 07:20.