I feel like I thoroughly wasted $400 on this at this point. I've spent a week hunting for forum posts and fighting with the game trying to get the FFB on my G27 working and it's barely usable at best. There aren't that many wheels guys. There's no reason for having some 40 odd sliders across 4 menu's JUST to fiddle with the force feedback settings. They have little to no description, which isn't helpful at all and the best I've managed is a heavy wheel with no road feel what so ever. The game is unplayable at this point and I seriously think the devs should sort out the issues with the current game before thinking about a sequel. I'm so frustrated by now that I'm tempted to throw out the wheel and delete the game. The most helpful post I can find about any of this includes the phrase, "I don't know what the other 14 sliders do." and that's about the gist of it. Games shouldn't require college degrees and dictionaries to play. -..-

On a lighter note. Can't wait for Forza 6. I know that'll work and I'll be able to play it as soon as I put it in the tray.

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