Hello everyone,

here is my personal list of important things which has to be fixed or implemented as soon as possible in my opinion. Feel free to add some more points (surely this list is not a complete list of bugs!).

Hope some of the devs and/or deciders are reading this post!

So lets start:

- add native (whithout stretched FOV) multi screen support (in the first step please fix the HUD and menu problems on widescreen resolutions)
- make changing the painting of my car much easier (now i have to click through the car categories, so i first have to know which category my car has)
- the replay buttons are mostly not working.
- fix force feedback settings! Currently it's not possible to feel when the wheels are losing grip or the wheels are stuttering when braking too hard. Can be that this can be fixed by tweaking one of the thousand FFB settings, but this has to be work out of the box

Single player:
- add the possibility to change the tuning setup while time challanging because the main focus in this mode should be to get faster times! Currently it's very annoying that i always have to quit the session to go to my garage and adjust the car settings and then restart the session
- "remember" the last save-setting on the car setup screen. Assuming that i want to create a good setup for Watkins Glen and a BMW Z4: everytime i change a parameter in the setup i have to click "save" and then go to the track specific site and check the mark behind the trackname, because i don't want to save the car setup for all tracks of course
- add the possibility to save different car setups with different filenames or descriptions
- the AI is horrible aggressive and can ruin a good race in just one corner when they are punching you off the track
- if you have an engine damage at 1st place during a career race for example and choose "Jump to the end of the session", you will win the race anyway

Multi player:
- add a dashboard where i can see the times from my friends compared to mine
- the ghost data is not reliable! It can be that you are crossing the finish line in front of the ghost but your lap time is slower then the ghosts time anyway
- "remember" the count of starting players when a race starts. If 10 of 20 players are leaving during the race the statistics should display the full 20 players anyway at the end of the race
- players who are leaving during the race should appear in the replay anyway
- add a function where i can jump to the last site in the world records site to know how many people in total are in these lists
- add a function where i can filter the world records by my friends
- enable filtering the servers list by several parameters (track, empty servers, etc.)
- possibility to order the servers list by the columns


Original Writen by Wondrazil in General Discussion Category, the date of 26-06-2015 05:10.