So doing a 30 min race at Bathurst in the GT3 WEC enduro. Leading by half a minute, three minutes to go and all of a sudden my tires go completely blue out of nowhere and I have zero control. Car starts fishtailing and I get hit from behind and rolled over and stuck on roof. Lose race.

Anyone had this happen? Known issue?

I mean, no rain, no reason to change tires, they are nice and green, running fast consistent laps. Then all of a sudden control is going away, I look at tires and they are blue and then I have zero traction, as if on ice. Cant keep car in straight line at all even at no speed.

Pissed off, cause last race of 6 race championship, all i needed was like 2 points to secure the championship and this happens.

The more I play, the more bugs come out.

Original Writen by jsykes in General Discussion Category, the date of 25-06-2015 23:55.