Hello all

After 4 or 5 weeks of tweeking force feedback settings and playing the game ( single player and online ) some realisation has set in with regards to FFB .. I was running forula C at brands Hatch and thing were a little too rough for my liking so I toned things down a little to make my experience a little less strenuous.

I just could not imagine having to run 15 laps bumping down the track fighting curbs and the grass sheesh ( obviously should not be on there anyway :) )

So I toned things down a little ( I am using a thrustmaster t500 this thing can be brutal if cranked up ) , as soon as I did that my lap times dropped and I become much more comfortable with the car and the track .
Also toned down the centre spring a little with mz .

I'm not saying this is for everyone , I know its great to bring your mates over and say feel the FFB in this game but I do believe you will be faster and smoother if you just notch things back a little if you feel you may be pushing that FFB a little too much.

Times will drop and the overall experience will be more pleasant and intuitive .

Last but not least I ran my first time trials last night in the nascar looking car on branshatch and watkens glen and run a 4th in the world after 4 laps un tuned to my surprise.


Original Writen by jason in General Discussion Category, the date of 25-06-2015 22:49.