iīm looking for a working hack tool for zenonia 5

at the moment itīs the game version 1.1.8 and i tried several apkīs with my rooted galaxy s2.
Itīs just for fun, i only experiment with my phone and try to hack games.

here are apps i tried out which are detected by zenonia 5:

GameCIH2, DaX Attack, Haxplorer(MHX), Game Hacker, CheatDroid(I donīt know if it is possible to hack with this apk, if so i didnīt figure it out yet)

I think GameCIH, Gamekiller and Game Guardian wonīt work as well i didnīt try them out

I donīt need to hack zenonia 5 badly, as i said itīs just for fun :D
but if you know a working apk let me know :)

Original Writen by marksmanmaniac in Android Category, the date of 25-06-2015 20:29.