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Welcome, This topic has been created so anyone who willing to create Warface hacks can ask questions from other developers (including me). For example "Where's IRenderer on this update?". Any other developer who has it and willing to share, can share it here, in this topic.

Why? Because I'm sick of seeing only few hacks in this section and currently there's only my hack is being updated constantly and working. If I see only this hack in this section as a working hack, in next 30 days too, I'll go insane. :(

So, I'm more than happy to help anyone who are willing to learn, help and create hacks on this section. Any kind of question (as long as it relates to Warface Reversing & Hack Development) allowed here. Don't hesitate to ask your question.

But remember, putting your effort into your project is crucial. So, don't ask how to code a function line after line. Research a bit. Download CryENGINE SDK and dump Warface, analyze it using IDA. When you stuck at something, retry, look at it from different angles and scopes, look at how parent functions call it and etc. If you still can't figure it out, ask. And don't ever expect full codes ready to copy-paste. Answers may contains steps you have to do to achieve the solution

When you're answering a question, always remember to quote the appropriate question you're answering, that way we can keep the discussion flow more organized and readable.

Anything you create, please share it on here at UnknownCheats, we can't wait to see it and review it

So, here we go, you're welcome to ask questions, and you're more than welcome to answer them. :)


Original Writen by SandyWF in Warface Category, the date of 25-06-2015 20:33.