I think it's against the rules to mention any kind of a website or organization that sells cheats. But it's kind of relevant and I do need help, hopefully I can somehow still get help without unintentionally advertising.

I got banned by a mod on aa because of my post on a conversational topic. I didn't break any rules they just strait up banned my for my opinion. The ban reason is a mocking of parts of my post. Anyway right now I'm trying to bypass this ban. I have spoofed my HWID using http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/do=file&id=14928 and I purchased a vpn and I am changing my ip. However for some reason the client still closes on login. This happens when they ban ether your username, or your ip, or hwid. However I don't understand why it's still happening when I changed all three of those things. Anyone know anything about it that I dont? Maybe my vpn does not effect that client? but doesn't the vpn use a virtual network adapter? so it should effect absolutely everything? Maybe I need to reboot my pc for the HWID changer to take effect? Could really use some help and advice. Thanks.

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