I am selling a guide on how to make up to 500$(or more) in over a month.
This guide does require PayPal account. This is not a instant-money guide,
This guide requires investment but how much is up to you. The more you invest the bigger the outcome.
No age and country restrictions. It is semi-autopilot as you will have to put in your effort only for 2-3 days.
The price is 15$ and PayPal only. Giving out first 5 copies for 10$. Giving out 2 vouch copies for someone who meets the requirements.
My skype - tomijs007
1. You will not resell/leak/give away my guide.
2. Refunds only within special circumstances.
3. You will NOT sales trash.
4. If there is any problem with the e-book, you will ask for help on skype, not this forum.

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