Hi everyone, I want to order a new wheel for my TX as I feel the standard 458 rim seems a bit cheap with all the plastic. I suppose cheap is a tad harsh I mean it dont seem very robust. I love the look of the F1 replica wheel with all its buttons and it has a quality look about it. Thing is though I dont do much single seater racing so would it be wasted so to speak. So that leaves the 458 GTE or Leather GT28. How is the feel of the GTE with it having the rubber rim, does it have a realistic feel to it? Is the Leather Item worth the extra money even though its still only the same size or does the real feel of the leather make for a better driving experiance? Any advice from the users of these wheels to assist me in my purchase would be really appreciated, thanks. Brent.

Original Writen by Brent G in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 25-06-2015 17:40.