I know how to use KERS in Formula A, but my question is, the gauges & motec show the amount of charge you have, not how much time you have left. I almost always have plenty of charge between the trickle charge and braking. What I think is more important, is how much time you may have left to use KERS.

For instance, I use half my KERS by holding it down about 3-4 seconds at the beginning of the lap. At halfway through my lap, my charge is back to full (full bar), and/or the motec says 100, but I know I only have a few seconds left, not the full 100. Is there a guage that shows this? The only difference between the motec, and the gauges in the other views, is the other views show it as a full bar, and the motec shows it as 100. But neither truly show, how much more use you can get out of it on that lap. I am guessing you have about 6-7 seconds total to use KERS per lap, but does anything show that?

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Original Writen by Stocky in General Discussion Category, the date of 25-06-2015 16:55.