Just completed a career mode race in the BMW M1 at Zolder.
The weather report at the start of the race said "Light Cloud" and at the start of the race the sun was setting and all looked set for a dry race. With that in mind, slicks were put on the car and all was great in my world for 6 laps.
On lap 7/8 as I was tailing the leader down the long straight, he pulled off down pitlane, allowing me to take the lead. "Brilliant" I thought, "he's gifted me the win, bad luck pal!"
Within 2 or 3 corners the heavens opened (the change from partly cloudy to Biblical disaster was almost instant), and here's me on worn slicks trying to get traction on a wet surface. I finished 4th.

My question is, how come those AI cars seem to get advanced warning of impending doom from the heavens? That guy in the lead must have known it was going to rain as he pitted before it happened. The Ai in 2nd and 3rd must have also stopped for wets at some point as they stuck to the track like the proverbial to a blanket.

Very very frustrating.

Original Writen by Plato99 in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 25-06-2015 09:04.