I may be a bit late to the party and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole 'canned FFB' situation. Now I posted a similar question in the PlayStation 4 forums but I felt sim-racing equipment owners here might be better equipped to understand my problem.

I own a Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE. Now what happens is after a while of driving, say about 30-45 mins, my wheel suddenly begins to mildly resist turning and when I do turn it, it creates a sort of noise and vibration that resembles a beard trimmer's. This may persist for a while, though I refrain from driving when it does to avoid damaging my wheel. I also find that the issue goes away on restarting my session. Moreover, these vibrations are accompanied by a white graph on the telemetry.

Is this a normal occurrence and if so, what's the status of it being solved since it's reporting? How come there's not much mention of it?

I also notice that even when I'm not using the wheel after the canned effects show up, it does tend to emit the same noise and vibration although much lower in volume and effect, for a brief second or two. Makes it sound like the wheel is struggling to recover from whatever the effects that hit it during game play were.

Does this happen with the other wheels supported by Project CARS or it an issue specific to my Thrustmaster ? Also, how strong are the effects felt on your wheel and do they stop you from driving like mine does?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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