Firstly sorry if this is the wrong forum, I play the XB1 version so I assume that this is where I should be posting questions.

My friends and I have been hotly contesting certain facts about tuning for tire temperatures. Let me preface this by saying that in the game we all agree that the tires stay cooler for longer when the pressure is set higher. I have a set of friends (with real life track experience) saying that according to the laws of physics, the tire temperatures will be higher if you set the pressure to be higher. I can agree with what they are saying knowing that gas expands when it is heated. What I do not understand is why in the game the opposite appears to be true. Are there unknown factors? I assume with how well the physics are rendered in this game that the engineers of this game have it right and my friends have it wrong.

With that said, regardless of the reason, what target temperatures are we looking for from the tires to attain peak grip?

Thanks in advance for helping me understand.

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