Strange question I know, but there is a reason.

You see, I own a Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE. Now after an extended session of driving on about 80% or more FFB strength in-game, I notice FFB clipping coming into play. This realization comes from the white line that appears on my telemetry while turning it left or right along with the accompanying vibration and noise that some one here described as that of a beard trimmer.

Moreover I've noticed that once this occurs, the noise stays even after pausing the game albeit intermittently. The beard trimmer noise will kick in for a second or two and turn off even when not using the wheel. Hence, I'm wondering if all wheels, more specifically the Fanatec wheels behave as such during FFB clipping? Or is this an issue particular to my Thrustmaster wheel or all Thrustmaster wheels for that matter?

Also, what's strange is that FFB clipping occurs even when I bring down the Fy slider to not provide any FFB when turning the wheel. Yet still, the noise, white line and trimmer noise turn up. I thought that clipping occurs only when the wheel is being pushed and if so, why is it occuring when there's no FFB forces acting on it whatsoever?

Again, does this occur with other wheels too?

Thank you in advance!

Original Writen by SeanB793 in Project CARS on Playstation 4 Category, the date of 24-06-2015 17:48.