WARNING! this is a TUT for n00bs only!

Hi y'all.

In this TUT I'll show you the simplest way to make a trigger bot for CS in C#.
This is also a good first project to get into game hacking.
This is also hard to detect because it does not require writing into memory.

Ok let's start programming

1. get the current offsets for local Player and CrosshairID.

2. Go into visual studio and create a new Forms Application (C#)

3. We are using the autoitX DLL for simulating a keypress. Therefore import the DLL into Visual Studio! Create a new global variable called

AutoItX3 Trigger = new AutoItX3();

4. Add a timer (timer1, timer Tick = 20ms, Timer enabled = true)
Now add this code into Code:




int CrossID;//this variable stores the current CrosshairID

//add the current base and offsets here, ReadAddress is my custom ReadProcessMemory function. You have to find your own online or create it yourself to RPM!
CrossID = ReadAddress(process, base+offsets);

if (CrossID != 0 ) //if there is something in the Crosshair

this.BackColor = Color.Green;//just to see if it works
Trigger.MouseDown("LEFT");//press left mouse key down
Thread.Sleep(5);//hold mouse key down for 5ms
Trigger.MouseUp("LEFT");//release mouse key

this.BackColor = Color.Red; //if there is nothing in crosshair background will be red

5. Compile your Application. This trigger bot will shot every entity, that walks into the crosshair (also team mates). To fix that problem just add a check which CrosshairID belongs to which team.

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