Hey everyone!

Welcome to the July Championship Thread!

l think the June Championship has been a great success, so there's no reason not to start a second round :)
This month will feature improvements of all sorts, so look out for the NEW! symbol.
If questions are left unanswered, feel free to ask, be nice to each other and dont forget to sign up.

What's Going On Here? (Overview)
- We are racing in a Championship with 2 Races per event.
- Cars and Tracks will vary from Race to Race. NEW!
- We will have Practice and Qualifying sessions.
- There will be Leaderboards, Standings and Race Calendars.
- Collect points to become the Champion at the end of the month.

Tell Me When!
Every Monday at
- 8:00 PM Central European Time
- 7:00 PM UK & Portugal Time
- 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
- 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
- 2:00 AM WAST (Australia)
- 4:00 AM AEST (Australia)

How Long Will These Events Take?
Race 1: Quali (15 minutes) - Race (Up to 30 minutes) NEW!
Race 2: Quali (15 minutes) - Race (Up to 30 minutes) NEW!

l'll let you do the maths :rolleyes:
Approximately 90 minutes

What About Points and Standings?
From this month on, both races will count the same in terms of points. NEW!
Also, the 5 extra points for the fastest lap have seen a small tweak. NEW!
Check the exact distribution below!

Races (Points)
1. - 16
2. - 15
3. - 14
4. - 13
5. - 12
6. - 11
7. - 10
8. - 9
9. - 8
10. - 7
11. - 6
12. - 5
13. - 4
14. - 3
15. - 2
16. - 1

Fastest Laps (Points)
1st Best - 3
2nd Best - 2
3rd Best - 1

Cars & Tracks?

Yup, as stated, from this month on they will vary for each race.
i.e. NEW!
Race 1 (BMW E30 - Hockenheim)
Race 2 (DTM C - Silverstone)

Everyone is invited to submit wishes or suggestions for future events!

Assists, Damage & Realism?

Lets see

Stability Control [OFF] NEW!
Traction Control [ON]
Mechanical Failure [OFF]
Engine Start [AUTO]
Flags & Rules [ON]

Will l Have To Follow Rules?

Of course!

- Biggest rule: Respect other Drivers, race clean, leave room, be patient and keep in mind that you dont win a race in the first corner.

- Deliberate ramming will be punished, also if you keep using your opponents as brakes to overtake them.

- If you got rammed off or similar, save the replay and put it in here as evidence.

- We all know there a many corners and especially chicanes that can be cut, but please keep the corner cutting to a minimum.

- Fairness comes before victory.

- Please take a photo of the race results, so we can double check everyone's position, in case the game decides to screw us over :p NEW!

Its Monday! What now? (Day of the Event)

- 2 Hours before the actual event, l will open one last practice for everyone to join. Its not a must, but a nice chance to get some last laps in and to acclimate with the Cars, Track and the Group. NEW!

- l will create a lobby 10 minutes before the actual start (i.e. 7.50pm CEST)

- It will be much appreciated if you join through my PSN Profile, because it can happen that the game freezes on you while inviting.

- Invitations will still go out from me,please accept them as soon as possible.

- Dont invite other players by yourselves, to avoid chaos and randoms that are not listed for the championship

- HAVE FUN! :)

Who can join this sillyamazing Championship?

Well, you can join WHEN/IF
- You are registered in this Forum.
- You are a clean Driver.
- You want to participate regularly.
- You dont lag.
- You participate at least a little bit in the Championship-Thread (i.e. complimenting others for a good race etc.).
- You can behave as a person and respect other participants.
- You love racing in a community and you like a good challenge.

Now, sign up quickly before all spots are taken!

See you on track, guys
did l forget anything?

Calendar - July 2015

Date Race Cars Laps Tracks Conditions Winner
BMW M1 Procar
Willow Springs Int.
Day into Night / Dry
6 July
Ford Zakspeed Capri
Road America
Day / Dry
BMW 320 Turbo

Caterham Superlight
Silverstone National
Day / Dry
Ariel Atom 300
13 July
Palmer Jaguar
Silverstone GP
Day into Night / Dry
Radical SR3

Caper Monterrey
Sonoma GP
Evening / Dry
20 July BMW E30 Gr.A
Mercedes E190 Gr.A
Night into Day / Dry
Ford Sierra Gr.A

AM Vantage GT4
Snetterton 300
Day / Light Fog
Ford Mustang GT4
27 July Ginetta G55 GT4
Mercedes C DTM
Oschersleben GP
Morning / Dry

Championship Entry List - July 2015 (1/16)


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