First of all i'm not a coder at all or anything

I've been searching to fix this skill tree When ever you unistall a trainer your skills points and your skill tree is gone (120 Points)
I tryed to make my own script, worked on it 2 or 3 days and i still don't get it
Maybe i'm not smart or something i don't know
I Tryed Force Any Skills by SirGoodSmoke but I still don't get it too..
Read the stickie 50 times and shit..
So what am i asking for?
I'm asking if someone could make it for me and let me download it or maybe make a [CODE][/C ODE] with the name of each .lua so i will be able to copy and paste.
A Random thing like that should be easy for you guys

Thank you ! (a lot)

Original Writen by imFaya in Payday 2 Category, the date of 24-06-2015 14:23.