Hi, I have Project Cars on PC, latest version from steam (GERMAN)
Logitech Momo Racing force feedback . Works fine in all other games. Was automatically detected when starting Project cars for the first time.

When trying to configure pedals, e.g. for shifting, it does the following.

1. Select Option, e.g. shift up
-> "Bitte drŘcke eine neue Taste fŘr die Zuweisung" (translated: please press new button for assignment)

2. After about 2 seconds without doing ANYTHING not touching ANYTHING it says:
-> "Es wurden mehrere Eingaben festgestellt. Daher wurde keine Aktion zugewiesen" (translated: Multiply buttons pressed, thus no action was assigned.)

But in fact, I didn't press anything. Also when trying to quickly press something, same message appears,
meaning I can't configure my wheel.

Many thanks

Original Writen by schlimpi in PC - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 24-06-2015 11:16.