Hello everyone,

I bought myself a t300rs about a month ago, everything was working fine except for a couple of bugs every now and then.
But suddenly the game crashed and so did my wheel, I tried restarting the playstation but the wheel was still "blocked" in the position it crashed in.
The light still goes on, but I can barely move my wheel. So I went to the thrustmaster website and downloaded the new firmware hoping this was going to fix the problem. Then I tried the bootloader method and it still wasn't fixed. My computer still recognizes the wheel but my ps4 doesn't anymore, and also the buttons don't work on my computer either. Has anyone encountered the same problem, and if so, how did you fix it ?
Thanks in advance!



Original Writen by skatevilvoorde in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 24-06-2015 07:47.