Alright so im getting write access violations when trying to do:

EntityList->Entity[i] = EntityList->Functions.GetEntity(i);

So obviously there is a null pointer somewhere but Im already doing:

extern EntityListT* EntityList;

in my header file and am doing:

EntityListT* EntityList = new EntityListT();

In my source file.
EntityListT is declared as:

struct EntityListT {

EntityT Entity[64];

EntityFunctionsT Functions;


and EntityFunctionsT is declared as:

struct EntityFunctionsT {
DWORD GetEntityBaseAddress(int PlayerNumber);
DWORD GetGameResourcesBaseAddress();
DWORD GetRadarBaseAddress();
DWORD GetBoneMatrixAddress(DWORD EntityBaseAddress);
bool IsDead(DWORD EntityBaseAddress);
bool IsDormant(DWORD EntityBaseAddress);
int GetTeam(DWORD EntityBaseAddress);
int GetHealth(DWORD EntityBaseAddress);
int GetKills(int PlayerNumber, DWORD GameResourcesBaseAddress);
int GetDeaths(int PlayerNumber, DWORD GameResourcesBaseAddress);
std::string GetName(int PlayerNumber, DWORD RadarBaseAddress);
std::string GetRank(int PlayerNumber, DWORD GameResourcesBaseAddress);
bool HasC4(int PlayerNumber, DWORD GameResourcesBaseAddress);
Vec3T GetVecOrigin(DWORD EntityBaseAddress);
EntityT GetEntity(int PlayerNumber);

What am i missing here? Do i need to create a new instance of EntityfunctionsT and reference it as a pointer as well?

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