Hey, I've not played the game in a month. Last time I played was shortly after the controller fix went live. Off work for a couple months (school teacher) so I decided to pick it back up & really put some time into it. I know 1.4 just released, & was wondering if the patch slowed down opening cutscene & menu performance. When I launch the game & press the start button, the opening cut scene is so slow, I'm talking about looks like one fps slow. Same with the game menu screen. It fixes itself after about 5 minutes but for those five minutes, if i tile over one option it takes about 10 seconds to for the action to respond. I'm at 19 gig file size, thanks.

Original Writen by realhiphop2k in XB1 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 24-06-2015 00:19.