Sup guys.

Have you ever had some nice loadout that got you lots of kills, but you ended up losing more money to repair items than the amount you made for victory?

Well, if you have, you aren't alone.

Just with a crappy GU7, and Warlord Helmet+Armor, I'm losing money constantly. Even with VIP, I make like 800 per TDM, and I need like a crap ton to repair these three.

Lets go discuss fastest money-methods so we can make a lot of money. I'm kinda pissed cuz I always die really fast in the initiation map, and I can't speedrun anything solo. I know PvP doesn't make that much money, and I hate facing HeavyGunners/Mechs all alone.

You guys know how to make money (solo or not) really fast?

Original Writen by SirNinja in Warface Category, the date of 23-06-2015 18:45.