I have just been monitoring this site since i got the game shortly after it came out. Now i have satellite internet, so i cant play online races, but i keep internet connected all the time when i play. I have a thrustmaster spider wheel, nothing fancy, but it works better than controller.

I havent had the issues i have read on here except for the screen freezing up when you go to play, little clock just keeps spinning and spinning. installed 1.4 patch and no more spinning, it loads properly.

Any way, i always had my xbox, instant on, shut off internet connection when done. The other day, after reading many posts, i switched to energy saver mode just to see if any difference, but did not get a chance to try it before storm came and shut off power. Well, this morning i turn it on to race in career mode, power saver mode, internet connected and wouldnt you know it, video freezes during race, unfreezes and im in a wall, twice this happened. So i swith back to instant on and try it, same thing, disconnect internet and no problems, ran whole race. switch back to power saving mode, internet still off, no problem. Turn internet on and connect to xbox live, video freezes, crash, problems again. I know its not my connection, has to be on xbox lives end. never had this issue or any issues that i have seen on this site.

I am a programmer and i have race real formula cars and motorcycles, i really don't feel the problems i have heard about here are really on projects cars, especially with all the different variances people seem to have, programming either works or it don't and if it don't, it won't work for everyone, aside from console clutter, excessive ram being used etc., in a particular system, problems should be the same for all if it were a programming issue. My experience from this morning with freezing video, the first time i ever had an issue with this game, aside from the loading issue before patch 1.4 and my diagnostic attempts lead me to believe many issues are on xbox live and microsoft, not the game it self. This is my opinion.

As for the game and having raced real cars, this game for consoles is as close to the real thing as you can get today. There's no way to get the seat of the pants feel from a game, you can't feel your tires on the edge or the g-forces on your body, head etc. or the sweat running down your face and in your eyes, but it is the best game out there bar none. New games will have bugs, but generally speaking, they affect everyone, not here and there and whenever.

great game.


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