[I've tried to send Mr Bell a quietly PM, because I don't want to start a discussion again and wake up the haters. Unfortunately that's not possible, so I post it here.]

Dear Mr Bell

Like I've stated it in the forum before - I like playing Project Cars! :)

I normally drive the GT3-Class in 45-60min races and it decreases the simulation of a real race if the AI doesn't pit (depending on the settings, some of them do, but never all of them). A mandatory pit stop option hasn't be to specific/extensive. It would be really great if there will be an option in quick race weekends like "Mandatory Pit Stop: Yes or No". And when chosen "Yes", the AI changes/renews tires in the second third of the race (e.g. a 30 lap race; AI pits between lap 10-20).

So my question is if that's a feature which will be added in the future? I don't expect a clear answer (because you probably don't want to reveal something), but I hope to hear if it's likely or not.

Yours Sincerely

Original Writen by leadfooted in General Discussion Category, the date of 23-06-2015 11:50.