I re-wrote this twice so it doesn't get locked or deleted. I realise there have been many threads made but I want some direct answers on the overall state of this game. Not being able to play because it freezes at the main menu tipped me over the edge. I have some points that I am going to make. I apologise if I come off as angry/condescending/rude. I am just annoyed and frustrated.

1 - I won't list all of the bugs. We all know what they are. It's the game. Not the servers. Not the time of day. Not the controller. Not MS. Not the brightness of my T.V. Stop making excuses for SMS. These are game breaking bugs. Not just annoyances. Server drops. Next to no ingame chat. Controller/wheel issues. The steps you have to take to play this game are silly. Install on an Ext HDD. Turn off instant on. Don't use WIFI. Hard reset after hard reset. This is NOT normal. Apart from BF4 I don't think I have seen a game this broken.

2 - I paid $90 Australian for a game that doesn't work as advertised. I can't get my money back. I'm stuck with it. Or I could trade it and cop the 50% loss on the chin. EA/Dice had a class action lawsuit against them for selling a broken game. Starting to feel like familiar territory.

3 - SMS have the balls to start crowd funding for PCars 2. That is a joke. It's a slap in the face to people who donated to this edition (I didn't donate but I did buy the game). Finish this game before you start holding your hand out for version 2 of something that doesn't work.

4 - At first I started a thread thanking SMS for keeping us in the loop, however the tweet about Pcars having dynamic weather on all tracks (A stab at Turn 10/FM6) have left a bad taste in my mouth. You have no right to gloat when you are serving up this.

Listen, people can say "don't play it then" or "play something else", but that's not the point. I paid money for a product that doesn't work. It hasn't worked for 6 weeks. I'm not optimistic that it will be working as advertised anytime soon. I never write stuff like this. I normally wouldn't waste my time. But when I read that Pcars 2 was crowd funding wow. There have been 1 million sales (as of 1 week ago). Why does v2 need to be crowdfunded? That's a whole other can of worms.

Lastly if someone can poke holes in my argument please do. If I am misinformed, let me know. I want to love this game. It does have some great stuff and I have had some cool moments, but I can't help but feel ripped off.

I hope we can all see this game playing how it should.

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