Hey I was wondering if anyone familiar with Road America has any good tips for the setup on that track, particularly for an FR vehicle. It's a really fun track to drive and has a great rhythm to it (IMO), but I can't seem to get my settings just right. My research indicates that it is a very one-sided track (lots of strain on the left side front but not so much on the right side), so some disparity between left and right settings is expected, but I can't seem to get the camber or tire pressures set up properly to even the tire temps out. I have literally maxed out the negative camber on all of the tires and all but the left front still do not have a hotter inner temp than the outer temp, and beyond that, I'm too afraid of ruining the handling to offset the tire pressures by a significant amount, since the right side seems to lose temp quickly, especially in the front. What gives?

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