Demon Eyes Kyo passed in his sleep on the 21/07/15

Some of the newer members wouldn't know him, but older ones will.

Kyo was around for a long time. To the mods, he was a pain in the ass. And the same goes for many members here.

He started the Elevens, which many took as a anti-a4 group, but was really a group of people that have become close friends and talked almost daily for the last 2 years. He brought us all together as friends, from different sides of the world. We are all mourning his loss, because to us, he was a wonderful friend, who always took the time to be there for others.

He was my best friend. He could make me laugh in any situation. I loved him. As did the rest of the Elevens.

To some he was a pain in the ass. But he was our pain in the ass. And beneath it all, he lived for others.

I miss him already. We are all shocked at the news and will remember him always.

Love you Ty xoxoxo

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