So I'm learning something valuable here.

Silverstone in F/C, thirty laps starting about eighteenth in a field of twentyfive cars. After at least seven or eight restarts, I begin to realize that the AI are not the problem. It seems I've been Forzafied. I'm trying to win the race in three laps. Resulting in my pushing the car to the point that mistakes are being made.

A lot of players have come to the forums complaining that the AI are just retarded. But after watching my own replays I'm seeing a different story here. If I just wait for the opportunity to pass the race goes much smoother.

In the past, one had to "push it" to get to the front then just holdout for one or two laps for the win. Or chase the one inhumanly fast AI driver for the remainder of the short sprint race.

In PCARs, one must learn that the race is gonna take a little while and actually settle in to the pace, taking passing opportunitys as they are presented. No guaruntee that your going to win every race.. Only the promise that you were actually RACING.

So when anyone wants to come here and complain about the "stupid" AI, first they should look at a replay and decide if AI are actually the problem.

Well, thats my daily rant. I'll be at Silverstone trying to actually finish with a whole car. Cheers


Original Writen by Charles Gillen in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 23-06-2015 05:27.