Track :all
Car:GT3 Class all
Quick Race Weekend .
AI:24 cars
Time: always at 11o'clock in the morning .

Issue :
My setup Has changed for a part when doing a race in Quick Race weekend .
The Bump stop go's always down in numbers when I want to race .
In practice or Qualifying I don't have this problem .

To give you a example ;
If I give the BUMP STOP 12 in front and 18 in the back in practice or qualifying this will change in race to 4 front and 6 in the back .
How do I know ! three ways/examples ..first the feeling , second if I take EAU ROUGE at Spa in practice or qualifying I can take this full throtlle 6 gear (48 litre in the car) , in race (also 48 litre) it is impossible , third examplestart a Quick race weekend and start the race , after one lap I quit go to the main menu and go back to a Quick Race Weekend ,there I go to my setup and see that the BUMP STOP has changed .
If for example I set the BUMP STOP to max 30 front and 30 back it will change to 10 front 10 back .
There is no fun knowing that you can race faster in Qualifying (48litre) than in race(48 litre) it self .
Hope this can be Fix .
Thanks for your time .

Original Writen by svenvangent in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 22-06-2015 23:21.