I know the release date was postponed many times and the game was released unfinished (don't want to start a flame war, it's a fact that things like AI, career mode or oval racing still needs some serious work). I know that it's trendy now to release a sequel every second year.
But SMS and WMD crew specifically stated that PCars would not only be a first member of a series but a platform that can be extended, developed, that would be regularly supported, and expanded with free cars and tracks. It was implied that investing into Project CARS is a long-term investment. And now it turns out that PCars2 is under development, and I can't help it but I feel cheated. It means that PCars will have only a slightly longer lifespan than the next iteration of Codemasters' F1 series, and far shorter than any rival titles (AC, GT, Forza).
PCars is a great game and although it has its flaws I thought that with one patch or two all the rough edges would be ironed out and it would be the best racing game out there. But now I feel that the devs basically abandoned it and everyone involved in the development of the game.
If this news would have come one year after the original release, I would accept it. But it was what one month ago that PCars was released? I bought it right away because I was so excited about it. But I'm not sure if I'm gonna invest into PCars2. I may haveto wait one more year to buy PCars3 after all

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