Hi there new to this forum and this was not the first thread I wanted to be posting. My first thread wanted to be a HUGE congratulations to SMS & Bandai Namco and a league recruitment thread on the Xbox One, however it's not turned out this way.

When Project Cars works Online it's a racers dream. The New FFB settings the way the car pushes you to push for more grip. I've never had so much fun playing a racing game and for that I will take my hat off you have nailed that enjoyment factor "when the game works"

Now I work 6 days a week and don't really get much time to Game as I used too. So when I do get on I really enjoy my time, however with Project Cars not so much anymore. Within 2 hours tonight with 12/13 people in a lobby we managed

1 Practice 10minutes
1 Qualifying 15minutes & 1 6 lap race at Imola

The rest of the time was spent getting people back into the lobby only for someone else to be kicked. Then needing to split the lobby into two party's as game chat is still buggy. We were all set for a night of racing and in two hours managed one race. We have have 3 leagues ready to launch at www.Facebook.com/f1eir but how can we launch them if we can't keep a full lobby or speak to that lobby?

We all love this game so much as iv said when it works, but with F1 2015 on the horizon and Forza 6 coming now as well. Unless a lot of us can get leagues sorted and speak to a full lobby, I can honestly see a lot of the community I know going back to these games. This Game could be the best thing that's happened to the raceing genre in years and it feels like it is that, however come July 12th it could be traded in against F1.

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