I tried to do a search on forum but it just brings me to the same page constantly so either it doesn't find it cause of how it search or no one has "no sound" in the thread menu.

Anyways, apart from a lot of bugs that are already mentioned, i get no sound at all apart from the start of the race where the signal is hearable even thou its a really weird noise. Is that something that they are aware of or does anyone know any suggestions to try?

I also don't get registered on community events still which is rather annoying. And i have managed to get at least 1 time trail event registered. No i don't go out of track or cut corners so i know thats not the issue. Are these still being fixed on perhaps? Suggestion?

And maybe someone knows when a next patch is being released cause atm its simply not fun to play most of the time.

Btw, sometimes the car ahead in the start of a race, or just randomly on a straight goes out straight infront of you even if your "flying" past is that something that is meant to happen or is it just wrong? cause it seems like its an issue.

Original Writen by Savaloy in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 22-06-2015 19:08.