I might be stupid right now xD But I got a script and it's not fucking working FOR GOD SAKE could you pls tell me why? :D

PHP Code:

_setPos=[3690, 13150, 14.6];
hint format["Ported all"];
TRUE, "deleteVehicle player;"]; {
if (
name _x != name player) then {
vehicle _x setPos(_setPos);


#EDIT: Fixed it myself I was 2 stupid XD

#EDIT 2: Still got a question how can I port everybody by clicking on the map? Cause my current script is: _wPos = [3690, 13150, 14.6];
_donot = name player;
[TRUE, "deleteVehicle player;"] call mr.moo; {
if (name _x != name player) then {
vehicle _x setPos(_wPos);
foreach playableUnits;
hint format[" All players teleported to: \n %1 \n by mr.moo", _wPos];
}, "", ];

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