Just got my wheel!
Been playing for the past 3h. Ive had a wheel before with Gran turismo and so on.. so didnt get long to get the hang of it.

I thought I would get quicker with a wheel. I feel like im pushing the car to the absolut limit, but my lap times are 1,5 - 2,5 sec alower then on my dual shock controller. Feels like I cant brake as late. Im understearing in every corner. Feels like the power isnt being applied as aggresivly out of corner when i put the foot down.

Im sure i could play around with settings for hours, but I rather ask the pros. Im def. loving the game more now!!!

I used to be able to battle well with 80% AI with controller, but now im pacing the 70% AI.

Thanks for any advice.

Original Writen by AngelBrow in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 22-06-2015 17:13.