UKCD is a group of serious PC race fans looking to have a great time in Project CARS racing sim.

We have our own forums, Teamspeak and Dedicated Server with live timing stats on the forum website

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What we are..

The group was founded on the day Project Cars was released, thanks to an unbelievable response to a post that was added to the steam forums the day before. Something clicked with the community and many racing fans seemed to want what we want; a place to race away from the disaster that open public multiplayer can be.

This is not to say we WONT be relaxed, because 7 days a week of rules is no fun to anyone, so as we move forward we suggest that certain days will be 'rule' days while others will be about having a laugh and just racing for the fun of it. In fact MOST days is about having fun and racing for the hell of it, but the full on race days have strict rules, that we as members follow, no exceptions.

As for what we are not...

We are not going to be tolerant of abusive and childish players. Sore losers can take a walk, and those who feel the need to take revenge on the track for an overtake can do one!

UKCD will simply not tolerate this, or any behavior that we feel is anti social in any way. Mess about, and you WILL be removed from the group, banned from TS and not given the passwords to join us on the servers.

I feel this post is getting a little 'rule' like, so I will stop there, as this was not my intention. There are 'rules and regs' written so please check the forums for that.

If you wish to join us for clean racing fun then apply on the forums and read the rules



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