I was hoping if one of the brain boxes on handling & set up changes could give a few pointers on some set-ups for a few cars or an explanation of why they're defaults are uncontrollable. All discovered in the invitation events in career mode.

British Historic - Ford Escort RS1600, This car had me so frustrated I skipped the championship. Pretty much the default set up had 1st and 2nd gears at the same (I'm going to guess Ratio) which was the same case for 3rd and 4th. Changed that & had no top speed and was being overtaken on most straight pieces of road. Second of all the understeer was unbearable to the point I was taken the hairpin at Brands Hatch at 10mph and still running wide. I read a thread on correcting understeer and it helped but still very slow in the corners. Also how do you get the most out of this car with only 4 gears.

Audi R8 V10 - Zolder - I took it out on cold tires and gave it the benefit of the doubt. After a few laps it was still bad and I had to use the "scandy flick" to get it around corners but would often spin. Still fun though. I changed about with the springs, Roll bar & rear tire pressures and it helped but I still couldn't notice the poor downforce on the car and the horrible screech of tires under breaking. I never cooked my tired r left tire marks on the road so I assume I wasn't locking them up. The downforce was terrible and on the rear end of the car meant that at slow speeds it didn't want to corner and when it came to acceleration the back end wanted to spin out. The real problem though is the Understeer.

RUF CTR3 (same rating as the BMono, AA Supercharge and Audi R8) - Brands Hatch - The overall grip & turning ability of this car was of this car was bad; "squirrelly" under braking, too much understeer for it to go unnoticed and a hint of curb while beginning to accelerate would cause it to spin. Now I have already admitted to myself that I find Brands Hatch a very god circuit but almost impossible to drive fast on it, but it isn't just that circuit with this car. I use the racing line and when I am breaking for the first turn at BH it just spins off or never makes the corner despite being at the correct speed.

It may sound a little bit nit picky but I have my main championship in the GT3 and the cars are phenomenal. Taking away the ABS, Stability control and Traction Control makes them so much more fun to drive. But when you get invited to do these events, it makes them a drag and takes up so much time to find the right set up. By the time you've warmed the tires up, ran a flying lap and compared it to AI it doesn't leave you much time to build on that set up. Then when I progressed to Qualifying, my set up hadn't saved. Now that is a bug and should be fixed soon, however, does anyone have any answers to my Set-up Issues.


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