Not whining in any way. I am loving the game how it is right now just wondered if we could get an update on this subject. It was a thread on this that I read a while back that's probably buried by now. I like public rooms and they are hard to run without game chat. My group is using the party chat workaround right now but that gets complicated with more than 8 people in a room. Wasn't a big deal before 1.4 patch because full rooms were not holding very well. Now that you can race in a full room it's becoming more of a problem. Going between to parties can be awful slow and a huge headache after 6 beers or so. With that said had questions regarding this subject.

1) Update from you guys on chat being fixed.

2) Was there something we could do on our side to aid the game chat in working. Seems I read that there was something we could do a while back.

I understand prioritizing and you guys have done a good job in this area I was just looking for some feedback in this area.

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