it's acting like its a sequential even though im using the h-patter shifter. for example when im in 5th gear and i want to shift down to 1st gear, i'll press the clutch in (which works now. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!), move the shifter into 1st gear position and it goes to 4th in the game. then when i move the shifter out of the 1st gear position to neutral then back to 1st gear position it shifts down to 3rd as if it were a sequential. the same scenario happens in the opposite sense. i have all of the gear positions mapped correctly. i swear it worked fine the first time but i can't be certain now as it just isn't working at all like it should. it wont even recognize neutral which sounds like that's the whole issue.

i'll keep playing with it but we'll see. has anyone else experienced this?

Original Writen by HipMusic in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 22-06-2015 04:36.