Pre 1.4 patch I ran alot of testing on Sonoma, ffb wasn't as strong as now but consistent. Post 1.4 and TM update, did same testing on Sonoma and ffb felt amazing for 5 laps then just dropped off again and again. Would go back to pits then right back out and it did the same thing. Cleared caches, hard resets,etc.. People keep telling me my tx is over heating,but it's not. So a moderator suggested I go to Oulton or Road America to test ffb cause those tracks are laser scanned ( THANK You Very Much), I did 30 min. around Oulton and WOW ffb is amazing never lost any sensation of tyre force. Then went too Road America for about 10 min and WOW again. Then went back too Sonoma 5 laps in ffb drops off again, went to pits come right back out 2 laps later ffb drops off. So I went back to Oulton again and WOW ffb is amazing again. Haven't tried this with any other tracks yet. Can anyone tell me if this a problem for you also. Oh yah, I was driving the z4.

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