What's everyone using for sound solution in their cockpits? I currently have a 2 channel system that I love and won't replace (had it for like 10 years and nothing compares to this thing lol), but what I should do for the 5.1 system which I want in the obutto cockpit that i'll be putting together this week? don't want to spend more than $100 or so. I've looked at the Logitech z506 on Amazon and for $70 I was thinking maybe I could get something like that with an extra sound card that I'll have strictly for my cockpit. Just looking for opinions on what I should do for the 5.1 system. I will get simvibe in the future, just not yet. Looking strictly for a sound solution now that'll surround my cockpit. most likely fronts by the pedals, rears by my headrest and the center one by the monitor somewhere Not sure where people put the subwoofer.

Original Writen by razorseal in General Discussion Category, the date of 22-06-2015 01:37.