First off, despite the game being a little rough around the edges in some respects the actual driving experience is amazing. That being said the one of the biggest areas for improvement I see in the game is the Time-Trials Leaderboard system (especially on Xbox One). Currently time trials are broken down by car type (open wheel, gt, etc) for each course. As a result, only Formula A and other top-cars reach the top of the leaderboard, and as a result get most of the attention when it comes to areas of focus. Sometimes I find the smaller less powered cars are actually a good challenge as well.

I would like to propose a global time-trial point system, which is weighted according to the number of players which have attempted that certain course/car configuration. All car/track combinations would be possible, and their times would be saved (not just your best open-wheel time).

The proposed point system would be as follows:

Points = FIA_Scaling_Function((Point_Places - Position + 1)/Point_Places)*Point_Places


Point_Places = 300 - (290 * (TotalLBPlayers - LBPlayers)/TotalLBPlayers)

So, essentially it should scale linearly from 10 to 300 depending on how popular that specific leaderboard combination is. This will allow for more hotly contested leaderboards to yield more points, but still leaves the opportunity for users to try and amass points by doing well in a variety of different Time Time trial combinations.

The FIA_Scaling_Function would be based off of the current FIA scoring system (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1), of which a polynomial approximation is defined as follows:

y = 120.92x4 - 229.31x3 + 153.42x2 - 22.092x + 1.9167

The home-page for the leaderboard system would show both top player scores, as well as the top-player in each of the car categories (open-wheel, GT, etc.).

Any thoughts? I think it would add a lot to be able to compete against others in a more advertised manner, and to know how I rank against others.



Original Writen by TrevorP in Feature Suggestions Category, the date of 21-06-2015 22:31.