★ The PS4 Viera MPGH Account Shop ★


Cracked Accounts
- Most Games Minus a Few New Released Games (PayDay 2, Elder Scrolls Online)

New Accounts
- All Games And DLC


Cracked Accounts - $15 Per. Account

New Accounts - $20 Per. $60 on US PSN Store.

General Info.

- Cracked Accounts last a minimum of 6 months.
- New Accounts last forever, you get access to all details.
- I accept PayPal, BTC and Steam Cards as Payment Options.
- No Refunds on Cracked Accounts. Refunds allowed for new accounts.
- Warranty is 6 months for Cracked, Lifetime for new.

Contact Me At

Skype: william.ferecross.anti or PM Me!


- Only PayPal, Bitcoins and Steam Wallet Codes are accepted.
- PayPal chargebacks will result in a scam report.
- You can do whatever you want with the accounts are purchase, they're YOURS

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