I just started using C++ and so far I have made working calculators that show up in the cmd prompt.

The issue I am having is I saved the calculator and re-opened it, it is not letting me re-edit a new file that can be built, ran, and saved under a new file.
Now it is opening the calculator in C++, and saving it as an application in the fold I had opened it from.
If I try and edit, build, and run the calculator the edits aren't saved and instead it is opening the previous non edited calculator that I originally had opened.

From my understanding it is something to do with the debugging, and release options on the toolbar, but as of now when I open the calculator the debug/release options are grayed out not allowing me to change which one I want to choose
I know there is a simple answer to this problem but I played with it and cant figure it out, seeing as the question I have is too broad to put into an easy question my search's to google have been just that too broad. How can I edit this file? How can I save it so that there is not an application being created? Thank you MPGH for your help.

Original Writen by Nooxie in C++/C Programming Category, the date of 18-06-2015 04:42.