Read this carefully please before you bash me, as some of you are good at that: This is a Storage account. You can do whatever you want to it and make it a real account, but this is my storage account and it is nooby because it holds stuff, and does not play.
Great, anyways, 9 vaults, 3 character slots, comes with email. Also comes with pots and a bit of gear in the vaults, 1 4/8 knight which is nearing 6/8 but this is just a storage account. You can do whatever with the stuff in the vaults, it is yours, you can make the account better and play it, whatever. I'm just throwing in some items to add value and make it look not empty because without the items, it is quite barren.

$15. Paypal only through a family and friend payment. Please don't offer me anything besides it, instantly declined. Don't "bend the rules once and take blah blah for me?" No No No :)

You go first, or OMM

Don't have too many vouches, but you can check my old post about 6/8 maxing service that has 1 vouch. I'm new people, i have to build a rep somehow.

I've done this before, I've sold accounts and have maxed people. bobobobobobo

Skype: LegitSniper1.5 (WLE because there is 2, not the austin one)

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