Selling account Steam: CLKay

-Rank: Legendary Eagle

-Wins: 10

-Never hacked on

-Skins only please- 2 skins=20$ 3-6 skins =23-25

I am a new seller to CS:GO. The account will be 100% yours, I will give you the login, then you can change the email, I will tell you the code, and

there you go, your own Legendary Eagle Account.

Add my on my main account: ( 76561198150483106 ) Then when I add you, if you are online, send me this

code so I know you aren't a bot/scammer - 7y^ak2

Please +rep me when you get the account.

- - - Updated - - -

I can drop the price because I know some people will be skeptical about a new user selling accounts, but hey we gotta start somewhere! I have 2 accounts for sale.

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