I present to you, PokÚAI.
~A one-person show.

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The user has complete control over what the bot does. After each battle the bot will check that the first Pokemon has reached their desired: EV Stats or gained Levels. Upon reaching desired stat that Pokemon will be switched to the next one that needs to be trained!

Users have the option to set Alert Emails. The Bot will email you when: A Pokemon gains a level, Pokemon reaches the desired level, Pokemon reaches the desired EV stats, Pokemon faints. The bot will also email the user if it ever encounters a Shiny Pokemon. The user has the options to set the bot to go into an Anti-Idle state or try to use Poke Balls to capture the enemy!

Features Include

  • Automatic EV Training
  • Automatic Leveling
  • Roams anywhere (Swim, cave, grass, bike, run, walk)
  • Works on any resolution
  • Power level any Pokemon
  • Get Email Alerts from the bot[1]
  • Supports switching in battle, and running away, if a Pokemon faints
  • Hunt shiny Pokemon
  • And much more!


  • Fighter[2]: A Party Pokemon that does nothing but battle enemies. In the event your first slot Pokemon faints, a Fighter will be sent into battle. It will either run from battle or continue to fight. (It only fights if it has been set to level up).
  • EV Train: A Party Pokemon that you set how many EV's you want it to gain in battle.
  • Leveling: A Party Pokemon that does no actual battling, but will be sent out first in a battle. Upon battle start, the Pokemon will be switched to the Leveler.
  • Leveler[2]: A Party Pokemon who's primary goal is to do all the battling for the Leveling Pokemon.
  • Hunter[3]: A party Pokemon who, if is the first slot, will only look for shiny Pokemon. It will run away from any other Pokemon.

The GUI Explained

  • Menu:
    • Bot: Start, Stop, and close the Bot
    • File: Opens the designated file. If user edits any files pressing the Reload from Files menu item will refresh the bot to re-load all data from files.
    • PokeMMO: Users can force close PokeMMO (Much quicker than closing in game). Upon setting the PokeMMO folder path users can start PokeMMO.
    • Configuration: Configure the bot. Setting Alert Emails, Party data, which Pokemon to fight, and set bot settings (i.e., in game controls).
    • Help: Version and build display, check and download any new updates, and contact the developer directly.

  • PokÚAI Controls[4]:
    • Start Botting: Starts the bot.
    • Stop Botting: Stops the bot.
    • Party Info: Edit Party data.
    • Pkmn to Battle: Select which Pokemon the bot will fight.
    • Bot Settings: Set the necessary bot settings.

  • Pathing[5]:
    • Set the direction and path user would like the bot to take.
    • Set the transportation the in-game character will be using. (i.e., running, walking, riding a bike, or swimming).

A note to users:
There is currently no Anti-bot checking supported for this bot. Users have been banned for using it. I do have plans to implement an Anti-Bot check system that will detect if a GM checks the bot while roaming.
If you have any problems, issues, feedback, you can send an email directly to me under the Help menu (Contact Developer).
There are still some bugs in this bot. It will run and work properly but there are thousands of lines of code, hundreds of functions, a shit ton of error checking, and stuff I wrote months ago and didn't comment to myself. If you do encounter a crash or a bug please email me so I can get it fixed~!
I will reply to this post whenever I push an update.

[1]Anti-Bot detected email is not currently implemented. No anti-bot checking has been added.
[2]If all Levelers die while a Leveling Pokemon has been in battle, a Fighter will be sent out to continue the battle or run away.
[3]Hunter class is currently incomplete. It can hunt and detect Shiny Pokemon. currently users will get a "Not yet Implemented" option in their email. That option will eventually be an option to use a specified attack. I also plan on adding an option to switch to a designated Party Pokemon.
[4]PokÚAI Controls will eventually be removed or redesigned to better fit with the main GUI of the bot.
[5]Pathing will eventually be completely removed. I plan on adding Anti-Bot checking where it checks tiles around the in-game character after each battle. Upon figuring that out I will have the basis to determine which direction the bot can walk before walking, ultimately eliminating the need for the user to specify a direction, path to take, and steps to take. (Transportation, which is actually speed, will no longer matter since it can do a check to determine the direction to move).

[Release] PokÚAI A PokeMMO Bot - byInunoTaishou in Other MMORPG Hacks

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[Version 1.0]
05/25/15 Fixed minor bugs.
05/25/15 Made it so there can be only one instance of the Bot open.
05/25/15 Bot now checks that the email address is valid before trying to send an email.
05/25/15 Changed the way the bot sends emails.
05/24/15 Fixed the label for Pokemon 6 move 4, it was not showing up before.
05/23/15 Fixed a bug where the bot would give the error message "Error(Hunter class selected but no Poke Balls available)" even if the Hunter class wasn't selected.
05/23/15 Completely overhauled the debug box.

05/22/15 Added a donate option for users who are in a giving mood! :)
05/10/15 Added some fail safe checking in case bot is unable to determine enemy name.
05/09/15 Bot can use Poke Balls on an enemy and try to capture it.
04/26/15 Bot can get count for Poke Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls.
04/25/15 Added a Feedback option under Help menu. Lets user directly contact bot creator with any bugs found, crashes, or offer feedback.
04/22/15 Added the Anti-idle option for Hunter class.
04/20/15 Added a feature that lets the bot interact with the user based off emails.
04/20/15 Added a feature that lets the bot receive emails.
04/20/15 Added a feature that lets the bot send emails.



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