Hey guys, I've hacked some flash games by the way I will explain but i'm still a newbie and this topic needs professional answers.

I would like to share my project of hacking Unlimited Ninja game, a popular game based on Naruto anime series. We have seen some guys hacked into Admin control panel and changed all the materials as he needed, this isn't something I can do.

To hack a game and simulate it as you did not so, you have to undergo an epic theatrical performance when you're spending your gold. Anyway let's get started to see what we can do.

First of all there are 3 crucial files that we need to exploit.

Index.swf, resources.xml, Tapplication.swf.

We need to get Tapplication.swf and decrypt it, then we can start messing with the codes. Of course, it is impossible to change your gold amount by this way but instead [Well in fact you could direct your silver amount to your place of gold amount which might work if the game does not check the currency], we can use silver to buy gold materials by changing the codes of shop.

I will start with the possibilities to %100 win at tavern.

First of all if you tried hacking this game, you might know that game does not load when you replace the cached files. Thus we need to solve this problem and I couldn't do it, if someone can solve the problem, we might be able to find useful hacks.

Index.swf is kind of loader and it contains a such script:
public function TMain()
// method body id: 1
if(stage != null)
addEventListener(Event.ADDED,this.ApplicationOnAdd ed);
addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,this.StageOnEnt erFrame);

protected function Hack() : void
// method body id: 2
var _loc1_:* = 0;
var _loc2_:* = 0;
var _loc3_:DisplayObject = null;
_loc1_ = this.numChildren;
_loc2_ = _loc1_ - 1;
while(_loc2_ >= 0)

protected function Initialize() : void
// method body id: 3
this.Initialize_Parameters(root.loaderInfo.paramet ers);
this.FApplicationInitialized = true;
protected function ApplicationOnAdded(param1:Event) : void
// method body id: 9

From what I understand, index.swf blocks loading of Tapplication.swf if it finds out any changes on the original file. That's why the game does not load.

The "resources" file contains sizes of all files that will load including Tapplication.swf and index.swf and I assume we need to change these after the size of our edited swf file. I have tried the both, removed hack protection script from index.swf and changed the size informations on resources file, the game still did not load. If anyone can solve this problem, I'm pretty sure that we are able to come up with great hacks.

TApplication.swf contains all the basics of structure of the game. The game is build on this swf file.

Let's find Tavern in "Logics" scripts:

As you can see, your win or lose is decided in here, IsMoraWin; Boolean. As far as i know, Boolean can only be 3 types: true, false, null, correct me if i'm wrong.

public function get IsMoraWin() : Boolean
// method body id: 22713
return this.FIsMoraWin;

We should change this to:

public function get IsMoraWin() : Boolean
// method body id: 22713
return true;

By that way I believe you will always win at the tavern because we are telling to this function to return with always true instead of a namespace which is FIsMoraWin.

I'm not sure as I dont have enough knowledge on scripts since i never studied them, thus professional answers are always welcome. It should be very easy for those who know the scripts and if we can start the game of course.


PS: I have posted some images but system did not allow me to post them.

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